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Grand piano moving charlestonWith Piano Movers Charleston, you have one of the most reliable grand piano moving services in South Carolina. We offer grand piano removal services to customers within and around North Charleston, and Summerville SC.

As a grand piano owner, you’ll want to ensure that your prized asset gets handled properly. You also need local Charleston grand piano movers who have the knowledge and expertise to get the job done quickly, efficiently and at a fair price. Piano Movers Charleston proudly offers grand piano moving, grand piano storage, and grand piano setup services to various customers in North Charleston SC.

A grand piano is an incredibly heavy instrument that requires knowledge and expertise for effective handling. A grand piano can weigh anywhere from 400 lbs to 900 lbs or more. The grand’s body length might be 6′ tall, 5′ tall or 4′ tall which is why it has three legs instead of four like a baby grand piano. Our team of grand piano movers will not only transport the instrument safely but also disassemble it when necessary.

We recognize how much your grand piano means to you, which is why we handle it with care from start to finish of every move. You can be sure our team will treat your instrument as if it were their own, because it is! We understand that you want to move your grand piano as quickly and seamlessly as possible. We’ll look forward to providing hassle-free grand piano packing, moving, and set up services for your new home in Charleston.

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Here are some reassuring reasons why hiring Piano Movers Charleston for grand piano transportation is a smart move for grand piano owners in Charleston, SC:

  • Grand pianos have been around since before upright pianos and became popular during the mid-19th century after they were designed with pedals and made thicker so they could produce louder sound than previous grand piano versions.
  • Grand piano movers in Charleston, SC have to follow certain dimension guidelines. For example, there must be a margin between the bottom of the case and the floor that is about 4 millimeters in height so there’s enough room for air circulation underneath.
  • While there are many things that can go wrong with a piano over time, we can still help ensure that your grand piano lasts as long as possible by following certain grand piano setup and care instructions. For example, grand pianos should be placed under direct sunlight and humidity to prevent cracking. Mahogany pianos must not be positioned next to windows or radiators because it can cause warping and splitting.
To get the safest grand piano moving Charleston customers can get, give us a call today. If you want your grand piano transported outside of Charleston SC, additional fees may apply depending on the distance involved.
Now that you have read about the services for grand piano moving Charleston clients trust most, you should consider hiring Piano Movers Charleston for your piano transportation needs. Contact us today for more information about our residential and commercial services.